Malleable Iron Fittings

Our Whiteheart Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings brand EE are used in threaded pipe connections, particularly:

  • in water supply systems
  • gas and steam systems
  • central heating systems
  • sprinkler systems
  • to convey non-aggressive liquids and gases.
Malleable cast iron fittings
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normativa en


Our EE brand malleable iron fittings are manufactured according to international normative EN 10242 and ISO49, the construction symbol “A”


Fittings: white malleable EN-GJMW-400-5 cast iron, according to EN 1562, equivalent to W 40-05 ,according to ISO 5922.

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EE brand fittings can be supplied in accordance to order: with black or galvanized surface According to EN 10242, zinc oating weight relative to the surface exceeds 500 gr/m², which corresponds to an average layer thickness of 70micron. Both black and galvanized surfaces are protected against corrosion. Corrosion protection substance does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.


Our Malleable Iron Fittings can perform at the highest admissible working pressure and temperature ranges quoted in the left table.
Constructional symbol A is characterized by the following material: whiteheart, malleable cast iron EN-GJMW-400-5.

  • 2.5 MPa/25 bar/ at the temp. from -20°C to 120°C
  • 2.0 MPa/20 bar/ at the temp. of 300°C
table temperature



According to EN 10242, each EE brand fitting is subjected to a leak test at air pressure of at least 0,5 MPa / 5 bar, which is equivalent to a minimum hydrostatic pressure of 2.0 MPa / 20 bar/.


Fittings have the threads in accordance with ISO 7-1:
  • external – conical (R)
  • internal – cylindrical (Rp)
Threads of lock-nuts, union nuts and threads mating with them – according to ISO 228-1.
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Conical unions (tightened on a taper) should be assembled using minimal tightening moment:

Dimension in inches 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 11/4 11/2 2 21/2 3 4
Tightening moment Nm 60 90 120 170 210 250 340 420 500 600
NOTE: Conical unions and conical union details cannot be used twice because it will not guarantee the joint leak tightness.


The material for gaskets depends on the usage (the transmitted factor, temperature). The gaskets of our unions are made of synthetic fibers which do not contain asbestos:
  • Max working temperature standard 155 C°
  • Max working temperature standard 130 C°
Higher parameters to be agreed upon orders.
The thickness of gaskets for flat unions from 3/8 ÷ 11/2”- 2 mm and from 2 ÷ 4” – 3 mm. The gaskets and other seals measures to the threads used by the customers shall comply with the requirements and standards appropriate to the type of installation.

Flat unions require the following dimensions of gaskets:
of Unions in Inches
Inner diameter
(Union size mm)
Outer diameter
(Union size mm)
Thread dimension
of Union Nuts
3/8 19 27 G7/8
1/2 24 34 G11/8
3/4 27 38 G11/4
1 32 44 G11/2
11/4 42 55 G2
11/2 46 62 G21/4
2 60 78 G23/4
21/2 75 97 G31/2
3 88 110 G4
4 120 148 G5 1/2
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