White Heart Malleable Iron

EE brand pipe fitings are made of White Heart Malleable Iron.
White Heart Malleable Iron has both good casting properties of cast iron and good mechanical properties of cast steel
White Heart Malleable Iron are stronger and have more plasticity than black heart malleable iron:
  • White Heart cast iron: Tensile strength is 350-450 Mpa (Hardness is approximately 220 HB)
  • Black Heart cast iron: Tensile strength is 300-350 Mpa (Hardness is approximately 170-190 HB)
White Heart Malleable Iron
So, EE brand White Heart Malleable Iron, not only have good strength and plasticity, but they also have good abilities for:
  • the vibration damping
  • good resistance for abrasion
  • little thermal expansion
  • leak tightness.
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