Precision Casting

Precision Casting is an industrial process based on and also called lost-wax casting, one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques. Precision Casting is the strengths of Odlewnia Zawiercie for many years we have been working with passion and professional.


Investment Patterns Method (Lost Wax Method)

Characteristic of Method:
  • high level of accuracy in surface representation
  • free form of casting
  • very high quality of surface
  • reduction of costs of mechanical treatment
  • from 0,01 kg to 5 kg
kind of materials:
  • Cast Carbon Steels
    • low-alloy cast steels
    • high-alloy cast steels
  • and various grades of cast iron:
    • ductile cast iron
    • malleable cast iron
    • high-alloy cast iron
  • and non ferrous metals:
    • aluminum alloys
Application for:
  • engineering industry
  • power industry
  • mining industry
  • aircraft industry
  • atomic industry
Dimensional tolerances according to PN-ISO 8062-1997, CT-6. We have the operating license for production and selling goods for military and police purposes
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