Malleable Iron Fittings Factory

Odlewnia Zawiercie, located in Zawierce, Poland, is a Malleable Iron Fittings Factory with more than hundred years standing tradition and rich experiences in the production range of whiteheart malleable cast iron fittings and castings.
The developed and modernized plant is equipped with modern stock of machines.
Odlewnia Zawiercie, ensure high quality products thanks to:
  • Modern Technological
  • Ecological Processes
  • High-skilled Engineering Staff
  • Almost don’t produce for automative
  • Polish and International Standards
fabbrica 1886
fabbrica new
Both our Galvanized and Black Pipe fittings are used in:
  • hot and cold water
  • central heating
  • gase
  • fire protection
  • industrial installations for transmitting liquids and non-agressive gases.
We manufactures malleable Iron Fittings and Custom Made Machine Castings from different types of cast iron: malleable, weldable, nodular.
Our Company also renders the following services:
  • laboratory tests
  • chemical analysis of iron scrap
  • steel scrap and zinc (spectra analysis)
  • resilience and metallographic tests
  • defining quality of materials and moulding masses
  • control measurements
  • verification (approval) of control and measurement equipment
  • hot galvanizing
  • mechanical processing (threading ¼” ÷ 4”)

    Have a look to our job on Strength test by the video on the left and discover a little more about our company.
    This presentation you will have a better idea of:
    • the high level of technology
    • quality
    • professional
    • precision
    • safety
    for all our Malleable Iron Fittigs products.
    If you need more information please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be glad to help you in any your requirements.

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