Odlewnia Zawiercie has several Malleable Iron fittings laboratories and each laboratory is specialized into a particular sector.
Analytical Laboratories:
  • physicochemical analysis of water and liquid wastes
Environmental Laboratory:
  • environmental testing of workstations
  • dust level measurement
  • noise measurement
  • carbon monoxide concentration measurement
  • illumination measurement
  • microclimate parameters measurement
  • physicochemical analysis of water
  • liquid wastes
Material Supplies and Resistance Laboratory:
  • testing of production materials and tools
  • testing of steel scrap
Analysis of mechanical properties:
  • Rm tension resilence
  • A elongation
  • HB hardness
  • impact strength
  • testing of heavy current engineering equipment resilience
Metallographic Laboratory:
  • defines microstructures of the of sample resilience castings and finished goods
  • provides photographic documentation of metallographic specimens
  • describes structures of tested tips of castings
Measurement Laboratory:
  • measurements and testing of measurement and control instrumentation
  • measurements of production tools supplies
  • measurements of new or second casting and machining tooling
  • product measurements according to the acceptance terms defined with the recipient and dimension control
  • control of zinc layer depth
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