AENOR Certificate For Galvanized Whiteheart Malleable Iron Fittings

We are glad to inform you that we have obtained AENOR certificate for the selling of our Galvanized Whiteheart malleable iron fittings, EE brand, in the Spanish market.
In a market that is becoming increasingly globalised and competitive, quality is the main strategic factor.
Getting AENOR certification is another proof of the high quality standard of our EE whiteheart malleable iron fittings.

AENOR Certificate

The certification of AENOR

Certification is an action carried out by an independent entity, which declares that an organization, product, process or service, meets the requirements that are defined in the standards or technical specifications.
The brands of AENOR ensure that this certification is true and constitute a differentiating element in the market, improving the image of products and services offered and generating trust between manufacturers and customers. Through this certification, trust is created towards the organization, customers, shareholders, employees, public administrations and the social environment of the company.
Also creating confidence regarding the quality and safety of the products or services, in the commitment to the environment, the safety of workers, as well as the bet on innovation. Given the current excess of information, organizations feel the need to simplify certain decisions, which is why they are looking for malleable iron fittings suppliers whose management and products already have this type of certification that provides confidence.

AENOR offers its brands with the aim of granting this competitive advantage to organizations seeking excellence.

AENOR Certificate

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